How is navratre celebrated?


Navratare is the very creative and enjoyable festival in India. It is celebrated diversely according to the different varieties of people in India. In the east part like Assam, Bihar, Bengal etc. Navratare is celebrated as Durga Puja. This puja is very important and essential for the people of West Bengal. They celebrated Durga Puja with full of devotion and gratitude and in a huge way. It is the major festival in West Bengal. This festival is celebrated very splurge and fanfare way.

In this festival women of the Bengal wears red and white saree and men’s wear traditional kurtas and they performed dance with full devotion and Agarbatis are light up to freshen up the atmosphere and makes the atmosphere pragmatic and virtuous. They assemble the Durga sculpture sit on lion with devil Mahishasur, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikey and Goddess Maha Lakshami and Saraswati. Once in a lifetime everyone has to watch this puja live to gain a beautiful experience. In Gujarat this festival is celebrated different from west Bengal.

In this state people waited for so long to celebrate this festival in a pomp and fanfare way. In this festival, people wore different types of customary dresses and do Garba dance and do dance with Dandiya Sticks as well. People in Gujarat also did fasting and revered Goddess Maa Shakti for prosperity. In northern part of India there is different way to celebrate this festival. On Vijay Dashami day we burn the statue of Ravana and Kumbhkaran to celebrate the triumph of Lord Ram over Ravana. On nine days of Navratare we dance, fast, musing, prayer and pujas for the celebration of this festival. This festival is a symbol of success of good over immoral things.