Yantras play a very important role in the world of astrology. Yantras are geometrical shapes imprinted on a metal sheet or paper which work on the energies related to the particular God. The yantras are based on Vedic techniques and represent different mantras.

Yantras are made of circles, triangles, squares and dots as all these are symbols of cosmic energies and powers. A person is required to look at the Yantra every morning and light a lamp in front of it. It is believed that doing so is very auspicious and the believer is blessed with lots of success and wealth if he or she performs Yantra Puja (prayers) regularly.

The significance of Yantra

Yantras are very powerful and they help in bringing peace, prosperity, success, good health and protection to the devotees. They help if a person is trying to achieve a particular result but is facing obstacles in the way. They can also help a person increase performance in their personal life and at work. Yantras are made of mystical inscriptions of various planets in the universe which help a believer to lead a contented and happy life. They are related to the planets as each of these planets has either good or bad effects, and the Yantras are believed to remove their malefic effects and enhance their positive effects.

Yantra For Good Health

Yantra For Finance

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