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There are many types of remedies in vedic astrology like gemstone ring, mantra, yantra, homa, puja etc etc. Among these remedies there is a remedy that is very popular in India is animal feeding remedy.

There are few animals that represents God and planet and feeding them is considered as a sacred act.

Among the animals are given below :

COW FEEDING : Cows are one of the most sacred animals in Hinduism. It is believed that a person can get rid of any problem present in the horoscope by feeding and serving a cow. There are many other astrological benefits of feeding a cow besides this.

As per shastra there are 33 koti ( crores ) devtas ( Gods ) in a Cow and by feeding Cow one can minimize the negativity of maximum planets and troubles in their life.

DOG FEEDING : Dogs are one of the most caring, loving animals on the planet earth that fills our home with love and happiness. We all love dogs, and they are one of the most loyal animals. They will love you more than they love themselves.

CROW AND PIGEON BIRD FEEDING : One of the remedy of the Lord Saturn / Shani dev is feeding birds like Crow and Pigeon. It is said that by feeding these birds with grains will minimize the wrath of Saturn of his negativities.

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